Meet The Wondering Circle

Grace & The Wondering Circle

The Receiving Tree

That moment when you feel the breeze, the sun’s warmth, you open to the whispers of the universe. This magical being will sing to you, rest you in the arms of our sweet earth and increase your ability to receive again. Receive joy, money, love, your purpose, whatever it is that you think you're longing for get ready to receive....the infinite possibilities of the life and living only you know is possible. 


Magnet is here to remind you we are all one, all connected and how together we can change the world. He knows that no matter what's going on, you're not alone and you're a gift walking and just like otters hold hands... Magnet is here to hold yours and show you you’re a magical magnet of possibilities. 


This lovable seeker is crazy busy to change the world and he knows that starts with himself. He's all about being brave and willing to do whatever it takes to change. 


Ratty’s best friend Trustkey totally has Ratty’s back and invites you to have yours! If you don't have your back can you truly have the backs of others?


Boundaries, self-worth, trust, vulnerability, mastering the molecules, being willing to never cut yourself off or slow yourself down.


Are you ready to join the slipstream? Or do you like to do things the slow or hard way? What if things could change fast and with fun and ease? Jet loves to point out the slipstream possibilities if you're ready to receive the adventure of living.


Are you ready to BE the magic? Miracle will show you fun ways to invite more magic into your life. If you desire to know the ease that's possible, for things to show up as if by magic...Miracle would love to meet you. 


The son of miracle is here to learn all about how to be the magical miracle walking under the guiding arms of his mum and the wondering circle


Do you find yourself going round and round in circles? Not able to let go, get over, move past something or someone? Mobius loves spotting the loops and even more so showing others a way to meet Jet in the slipstream and move beyond suffering.


He's learned the hard way how locked in points of view (POV) stop magic and possibilities showing up. Yep there's no receiving when your stuck in your ’bin’ wanting to be right rather than happy!


Wanna know all about manipulation both the conscious and the unconscious. Foxkey is your guy! He will assist you...if you're ready to look at all that you've hidden away and that includes your magical gifts, talents and abilities.

La Magie

Stand loud and proud! Be YOU in all your glory. Let the judgments of this reality flow right past you.


He brings you to the joy of the moment, the gift of the present, to put things into perspective, to perceive the gift in whatever is showing up. Gratitude is his superpower, are you willing for it to be yours?