Byron Katie

The ‘Work’ changed so much for me. I’m ever grateful.

Katie’s Website

Dain & Gary Access Consciousness

I would not be alive if not for the tools of Access. I use them every day and my life has totally changed.

Dain & Gary Website

Eckhart Tolle

The pain body information changed my world  Thank you sweet man for the information you bring to our world. 

Eckhart’s Website

Tony Robbins

Attending a date with destiny event in my 20’srocked my world. 

Tony’s Website


When people show you who they are BELIEVE THEM!!! Tks you for that and so many other light bulb moments. I’m so grateful you are in the world.

Oprah’s Website


Thank you for your kindness and laughter. You make the world a better place. Thank you! 

Ellen’s Website

Jerry Seinfeld

Thank you for making us laugh.

Jerry’s Website

Graham Norton

Thank you for your amazing gifts in interviewing and making us all laugh

Graham’s website

Bad Vibe Busters

Maia thank you for all you be and gift to our world.

BVB’s Website

Dr Wayne Dyer

Your book was the very first book I read when I was scared, alone and in so much pain from a car accident. It was a gift to meet you. 

Dr W. Dwyer’s website

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