More Testimonials

D.Sherman U.K.
I had my first session with Grace last night and I have never, ever felt so alive, so expansive, joyful, and utterly free.  Free from the “darkness” that literally held me back. As soon as Grace phoned me and I heard her kind, sweet voice my demon was doomed, yes you read that right a demon.  Grace’s intuitive energy immediately tapped in and she asked if we could dive into the deep end. Everything in my universe started shifting. Grace instinctively followed the energy and awareness of what was required and what happened was pure magic.  She guided me into a new reality I knew was always possible but couldn’t get to. I had carried that darkness for so long, seeking freedom from it, but you never know how it’s going to show up or who’s going to show up. Grace’s facilitation, with the tools of Access Consciousness, has allowed me to receive me, to acknowledge my gifts, talents, abilities, and capacities.  Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Grace. Her vulnerability allowed me to free fall into a new world of infinite possibilities. Thank you Grace for your beauty and all you Be. I highly recommend choosing Grace should you desire an expansive new world.

Anchorage USA
I feel like I have known Grace forever. I only spoke with her an hour but she is a soul sister. Her kindness and knowledge , warmth and love .You feel it in your conversation with her. She is helping me though some really tough times with my son and it's working! Her energy is wonderful! I
️Grace. I will be speaking with her again very soon."
ELB Anchorage, AK USA
L.L. Canada.
I have done a few sessions over the past month with Grace.... I wish I could put into words what that has created for me. She is kind and is so gifted at following the energy that it was ease to go to places I had not been willing to look at before. These sessions with Grace created change in my world, change that has created more ease and more possibilities. Thanks so much for being you Grace! Grateful!
Laurie Laursen, Canada
Ms L of Australia.
I call her the Baby Whisperer. Today I had a session for my kids (well, for their parents actually ;) ) ... and boy did we get a DOWNLOAD of information. If you ever wonder why your child/ baby is moaning, unhappy, sick, fighting with other kids... or how you can contribute more to them.  CALL Grace Hart. She's completely delusional when it comes to her prices, she is WAY TOO CHEAP. (Just saying.) You might want to take advantage of her before she comes to her senses. We figured out that something was blocking my sons gut and what was behind my other child’s lack of poo. #kiddoproblems Two giant poos later, the twins have been SOOOO HAPPY!
Grace works on the phone/ fb calls so you can work with her from anywhere in the world! 

Lisa U.K.
OMG it's now the end of the day after having a session with the AMAZING Grace Hart.
I can hand on heart say that this was one of the most powerful sessions I've ever had!!
Grace picked up so much and afterwards it made so much sense why my life had gone the way it had.
Wacky, weird and wonderful is how I'd describe the session. It's impossible to hide from Grace during the call, she unlocks so much stuff that you may have be hiding before.
The Superhero session is HIGHLY recommended and I will be having another for sure.
Thank you Grace, I am eternally grateful and I am feeling so much space more than ever, and I am so excited to see what I can create as a result of our session together!
Mwahhhh Lisa, U.K.

Sam, U.S.A
So many incredible changes are going on… we are very grateful! My daughter has consistently been sleeping 8 hours a night and last night 12!  Last night we crawled into bed awake and she fell asleep next to me. That is Huge! She has only done that 1 other time in 2 years!!! There is a sense of calm, peace quiet from around 11 pm through the whole night! We have felt the energy of the other little being is's quite less chaotic during the day too. The energy of “I don't get how other parents make parenting look so easy” is disappearing head chatter is quiet. Parenting seems much more ease. Lilly usually only says a word here or there randomly...yesterday she said the word Bye then repeated it about 1,000 times. She waves. And giggles. The chatter in my head has gotten much much quieter. Thank you! Symantha

T.l Brisbane
Hi Grace, I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to you for your amazing ability to tap into & be with the energy & have fun with grateful I chose this session with you. The the awarenesses I had of what I hadn't been choosing to acknowledge of myself has changed so much for me & still's been interesting so far, to say the least. The tools you shared keep expanding my world daily & I have been willing to ask for & choose even more of what I desire my life to be.
A huge hug of gratitude to you & me xo
T.L. Brisbane
M, QLD Australia
If others could only see through my eyes all the miracles and all the ways you have masterful conscious living down to a fine art, they would be just as much in awe as I am. Over more than a decade you've rocked my world and I've seen how much goes on quietly behind the scenes as you enhance and save lives (including mine), all the while inviting me and others to a greater version of ourselves and helping up develop our own unseen advantage. Your contribution to my life has been and continues to be extraordinary, immeasurable and priceless. A massive, heartfelt thank you!
M from Qld
“I have known Grace Hart for over 10 years. She is “out of the box” and has an incredible ability to transform energy in a room, and help individuals see their way out of a situation. I've also enjoyed working with Grace; she was always cognisant of what the vision was for an event and how she could contribute to making it a success.”
Vicki Scott
Former Director CHOGM Coordination QLD      Co-founder and Executive Director of STARS