What if you don’t have to be punched, shoved into a wall or choked for it to be domestic violence?

When others try to control you, threaten you or a loved one, degrade you, belittle you, blame you, embarrass you or withhold finances, it is stilldomestic violence!


  • In a new relationship where something feels off?
  • Confused? Feeling trepidation about unpredictable Jekyll and Hyde behaviour?
  • Not seeing red flags and can't see a way out, or hoping it will get better?

This book is for you.


  • Suffering domestic conflict or violence?
  • Up to your neck in it and feel certain that going to the police or to court would make things much worse?
  • Fear lives are at risk?
  • Feel like you can’t go on another day … that you want to end it all?
  • Unsure how to assist someone experiencing domestic violence?

This book is for you.

 How many lies are keeping you walking on eggshells, feeling trapped in a never-ending cycle of hypervigilance, helplessness, fear, stress, struggle, overwhelm, suffering, conflict and abuse?What if there's a way to discover the secret, unseen, red flags of abuse, and break through to new awareness that frees you from control, imprisonment, fury, threats, gaslighting and mortal danger?


 “I would never have believed it could be possible for me to move from, 'I live in fear, I will be killed, this is never going to end,' to a life beyond any reference point I had - a life of ease, freedom, happiness, true caring and total choice. I could not see beyond it … until I could. I wish someone else could have shown me, back then, what took me years to figure out. My sharing the definitely different way I walked free from domestic violence is an invitation for you to discover what possibilities lie beyond what's raw and real for you right now … and show you how to change tracks and step into a whole new life."

Grace Hart, author.




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