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"Wow and amazing are the words that keep repeating in my universe after my Unseen Advantage session with Grace Hart. Not only for the beautiful being she be, but also for me and the gift I be. The tools intertwined took my reading to another level of change. Grace has the capacity to hold space for a person, which allowed me to recognize the gift to the universe I truly be during and after the reading. Grace opens one up to the possibilities of greatness, all you have to do it choose it. She is an amazingly gifted woman whose talents go beyond most. As soon as Grace and I were connected over the phone, you could sense the bountiful amounts of energy flowing. Her contagious laughter and wicked sense of humor create a space of joy and ease during our session. Not only is she gifting you with her amazing awareness, she also compliments you and finds your capacities and thanks you for being you. This is my first session I left feeling on top of the world, full of joy and enthusiasm. I highly recommend a private session with Grace. She has a great variety of services and she is able to perform each service with incredible accuracy. If you’re ready to create change you truly desire in your life, then Grace Hart is a fantastic choice! ~Courtney Feely, Wisconsin, USA"

Ms Courtney, Wisconsin U.S.A.


Grace loves hearing from her clients around our sweet planet. I wonder what change you could choose? 

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Grace would not be here if not for some courageous kind people. She would love to share their worlds and work with you. May they inspire you too.


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