Empowerment  speaker, presenter, author and coach, Grace Hart offers

out-of-the-box talks, tips, tools and podcasts to empower those who are
suffering. With her surprisingly different approach, she has a proven
track record helping people move beyond stress, anxiety, stuckness,
pain, conflict, abuse and violence.

Did you know that energy is our first language? (Gut feelings are just
one example.) We are unknowingly trained out of it from an early age,
learning to prioritise what we experience through our physical senses –
further compounded by an auto-pilot reinforcement of our beliefs. The
result is that what is actually happening is flying under the radar.

The Unseen Advantage was born out of Grace’s desire for everyone to
access this incredible, largely untapped inner resource, opening up a
whole new world of greater awareness, choice and possibilities for
averting, changing and creating anything. When you change the energy,
you change your life.



  “I have known Grace Hart for over 10 years. She is “out of the box” and has an incredible ability to transform energy in a room, and help individuals see their way out of a situation. I've also enjoyed working with Grace; she was always cognisant of what the vision was for an event and how she could contribute to making it a success.”

Vicki Scott

Former Director CHOGM Coordination QLD      Co-founder and Executive Director of STARS


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Corporate events & presentations

Grace presents ’What if we are the climate change we have been waiting for?’

March 13th 2020 Gympie


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